Our Story

At Compliance Central, our faith is very important and fashions how we do business. Beyond the good practice of the Golden Rule, we believe that treating people with respect and honor and conducting our business and personal lives in a way that is full of integrity provides an excellent witness for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Compliance Central’s knowledge base and professionalism creates a working relationship that I have complete faith in.   Their employees reflect a positive attitude, that is appreciated greatly.

— Positive, Marla Bullard —


 Because we believe our business was created by his providence and exists by his grace, we seek him with every decision and step we take. So in a way, we consider Jesus as our CEO, a leader with thousands of years of experience as a manager, someone with excellent people skills!

We believe that he directs our steps, provides for our business and employees, and keeps us safe as we go our way.  His wisdom is unending and we firmly believe that without His blessing and involvement, the business could not continue.

While our faith directs us, we are also very careful to conduct our business in ways that respectful to our clients in terms of sharing our faith. We would never impose our beliefs on a client or proselytize during our training and testing. We simply want to live a life that shows in whom we believe. That being said, we would love the opportunity to introduce you to Jesus! A life lived for Jesus is an incredible life indeed!


Compliance  Central has been relied upon by our Company for years of great and reliable service. Their experience in the field of Industrial Hygiene has lead us with continuous improvement methods. Their staff has been knowledgeable and easy to work with while helping organize ongoing safety initiatives.

Customer ServiceTony McCollum  —