Compliance Central provides environmental services with a staff of certified, trained professionals.  We provide a variety of health, safety, and environmental services. Please follow the links below for more information.

Workplace Health Services In Longview, Texas

Compliance Central is the premier provider of occupational health services in Longview, Texas, and close to the nearby areas. We are known for our integrity, commitment to excellence and focus on personalization. We always go the extra mile to ensure that the training...

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Hearing Testing

Operating two testing vans, we provide our clients with first rate audiometric testing services. Our vans are equipped with state of the art equipment and well trained technicians who carefully monitor each testing session in order to achieve consistent results.

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Safety Services

ENERGY IS BACK!! We can help you rock and roll with PEC Safeland/Safegulf employee training, as well as H2S or other energy related training programs. Additionally we can help with safety meetings, custom prepared safety programs, drug screening and more!

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Employee Training

At Compliance Central, we’ve got you covered on pretty much all the employee training needs you may have. From First Aid/CPR to Forklift Training to Confined Space or HAZWOPER, our professionals have the experience in the field to provide the highest quality training available.

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Respiratory Compliance

We can do everything from annual respiratory protection training to pulmonary function testing, fit testing, and medical clearances!

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Industrial Hygiene

We provide a variety of industrial hygiene services, including noise and air quality, ventilation checks and summer heat stress monitoring to help ensure your employee exposures are well controlled, can show statistical agreement, and stand up to OSHA scrutiny.

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